It's now officially the holidays. Take your pick of what holiday.
With that it has come time for me to bring attention to the shops I have merch on. I've been adding to most of them for past few weeks.

I've been cleaning up some older stock and putting them on the etsy. So if anything you've seen on the Illustration section caught your eye there's a good chance that they'll be on sale on there. Good chance some original paintings will make it on there if you are into that sort of thing. So feel free to follow the etsy shop and see what pops up on there.

I've also recently start setting up an Inprnt shop which promises high quality archival prints. I'm pretty excited about this and have got a small selection on there and working on adding more all the time.

They also are having multiple sales this week on the Inprnt, Redbubble and Society6 for your holiday shopping needs. So if you are looking for various prints, t-shirts or coffee mugs we gotcha covered.



So the holiday season is fast approaching and it's time for me to stretch my capitalist muscles.

This year's Krampus card is done and uploaded on the Redbubble store for easy purchasing for anyone looking to send out a unique holiday greeting this year. I also have card designs that don't involve demons who live on the tears of children loaded on the shop.

I'm also adding stock to the etsy shop for quick gift ideas. So feel free to tap over there and see what I've got.



I've finally set up a Patreon for those who into that sort of thing.

I'm still ironing out finer details, but I've got coloring sheets, sketches and postcards for anyone who subscribes. So feel free to take a look on there.


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